Liquid High: Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis—you can smoke it, eat it, even rub it on your skin, and now, you can drink it.

In a culture that loves to drink socially, a beverage is often the perfect way to enjoy THC without stinking up the place, getting smoke in your lungs or tearing off part of a gummy. I mean, I enjoy doing all those things too, but there really is something special about a beverage that makes you feel good.

While edibles are a time-honored method for getting high, they take a while to kick in and tend to keep you there longer. Drinks, however, act faster since they’re absorbed right into your bloodstream rather than being metabolized by the liver. 

Here are some of the great cannabis beverages on shelves around West Michigan right now:

Sweet Justice  |
With distinct flavors like OG Cola, Sweet Justice allows the canna-curious to glide into their sweet spot in an approachable way, and lets the heady enthusiasts sip while they spark. The goal in part is to encourage people to shift away from alcohol and give a new type of buzz a try, but the company also donates a portion of proceeds to the Great Lakes Expungement Network. There’s the Cola flavors for people who love a good pop, but also Cranberry Ginger Ale, the perfect balance of sweet and tart for the winter season. Also try the refreshing Elderberry Pom, which has 5g of THC and 5g of CBD. If you like it sweet and sour, go for the Pacific Island Punch, with lime, orange, passionfruit and peach flavors, 10g of THC and 5g of CBD.

CQ Drink Enhancers  |
Hailing from California, CQ is expanding into Michigan initially with its 2oz shots, which pair 100mg of strain specific, top-shelf THC with bold flavors like Wildberry Guava Agua Fresca and Old Fashioned Lemonade. They’re perfect for sipping or mixing into flavorful mocktails, or even La Croix. For example, the Nighttime Berry & Lime shot is a calming combination of THC and CBN that supports sleep, pain relief, and inflammation. Valerian, lemon balm, and glycine synergistically support rest and relaxation. 

MyHi Stir STIK  |  Available at: Exclusive Muskegon
This latest collaboration with MKX gives you the power to infuse any drink with a simple peel and stir of each 20mg STIK, which is convenient, discreet and portable for life on the go. The magic inside is a fast acting, nano-emulsified, THC beverage enhancer that takes effect in 5-10 minutes. MyHi STIKs are zero calorie, zero sugar, vegan, and gluten free, with a very subtle taste in a glass of water, or a wonderful flavor enhancer for your beverage of choice. 

Highly Casual Beverages  |  Available at: Olswell Cannabis
Ever mixed blueberries and pineapples together? Well, you’re in luck, because Highly Casual has fun and unique flavors with a low THC count so you can sip all day. This Blueberry + Pineapple flavor is fresh, has zip, and tastes like that energy drink you like, without all the weird stuff inside—just great tasting fruit flavor, seltzer, and weed. Go for Highly Casual if 2mg of THC sounds like the perfect amount for you.

Pleasantea  |  Available at: High Profile
From the same people behind Highly Casual comes Pleasantea. These teas have a higher dosage, taste great, and lift your spirits quicker than almost anything else on the market. Choose from three tea flavors: Raspberry, peach and lemon. Each can is 16 ounces, giving you plenty to sip, with 10mg of THC.

Dixie Elixirs  |  Available at: Exclusive
Dixie Elixirs provides 100 mg of THC in one bottle. This is less like a seltzer and more like a powerful potion. You certainly don’t have to drink all 100 mg at once, but reviews imply that it’s tempting not to down this fruity, syrupy concoction that somehow doesn’t taste like cannabis at all. A few of the flavors available include Fruit Punch, Cherry Limeade and Berry Lemonade!

Keef Soda  |  Available at: The Reef Muskegon
Refreshing notes of orange citrus flavor and the perfect amount of carbonation—meet your new favorite orange soda. It contains a total of 10mg THC and is only available in Recreational markets. First introduced in January 2010, the Keef Classic soda line is the most awarded cannabis beverage in the world. They’re everything you love about the sweet and timeless soda flavor with a burst of THC for added effect. 

SAP Cannabis Syrup  |  Available at: House of Dank, JARS
SAP, Detroit Edible’s new liquid drink enhancer, has the consistency of cough syrup and is created using activated live resin making it a great full spectrum edible option. SAP mixes really nicely into both hot and cold liquids and comes in three sticky sweet flavors: watermelon, blue razz, and fruit punch.