One for the Road: Cannabis Travel Accessories

Cannabis and nature go together like THC and CBD, and the great outdoors are calling.

It’s time of the year to get off our couches and out to the beach, to the woods, to the parks—wherever you like, as long as it’s not inside!

That said, we understand you might be used to your whole smoking setup at home, with the convenience of rolling trays and running water and ashtrays and all that good stuff. Taking cannabis on the go requires a little more forethought and ingenuity, but there are plenty of spots in town offering accessories that make this much easier.

Here are a few options for taking your smoke sesh on the go:

Top Buff Bong
Available at: Pharmhouse Wellness
Create a water pipe anywhere from a water bottle with the Top Puff portable bong! Any bottle can easily transform into a heavy-hitting bong with this conveniently designed tool. 

The Cali - Ultra Thin Cones
Available at: Fluresh
Make your own pre-rolls using these cones, with a wide circumference that delivers optimal airflow, comfortable pulls, and a big-smoke experience.

Wooden Preroll Case
Available at: Skymint
Need a snazzy and sophisticated, yet sturdy case for your pre-rolls? Check out this engraved wooden case from Skymint.

Rover Case
Available at: Ascend
This case is designed for Vessel brand vape pens, but it’ll hold other similarly sized pens just as well, not to mention pre-rolls!

Butt Bucket Car Ashtray
Available at: House of Dank
An oldie but a goodie, this car-friendly ashtray fits in your cup holder but can easily be used for the beach or camping as well. Just remember: Don’t drive high!

Smell Proof Cross Body Bag
Available at: House of Dank
If you’re worried about bothering anyone with the stench of your stash, check out this smell-proof bag that has plenty of room for snacks and other accessories as well.

Resolution Glass Cleaning Wipes
Available at: Exclusive
Don’t get caught out with no way to clean your smoking devices. These are intended to quickly wipe down a hand pipe, bubbler, bong, or rig to remove excess buildup between sessions.

Cookies V3 Rolling Tray
Available at: Cookies
This tray is perfect for travel, with a lighter holder, joint holder, a detachable small side tray, and a cover for it all!

The Cone
Available at: Ascend
This unique, lightweight, ergonomic one-hitter uses a helix design to filter and cool the dry flower before it hits your mouth. Plus, it looks super cool!