The West Michigan Stoner's Bucket List

When you’re a cannabis connoisseur, it’s easy to find yourself stuck to the couch, watching strange YouTube videos.

That gets old fast, so it’s important to get out there and enjoy the world around us, allowing cannabis to enhance those experiences. Personally, I like to plan my activity and the product I’ll have on hand (whether it’s edibles, joints or just a vape pen) ahead of time. 

So grab your friends and your weed of choice and head on out for a day to remember. Here’s our stoner bucket list: 

Look at the Stars

Veen Observatory

This one takes a bit of planning, but on select Saturdays with clear nights (the next date is April 29), the James C. Veen Observatory is open to the public for viewing the starry sky. Use the observatory’s telescopes or bring your own!

Sunset at Lookout Park

801 Fairview Ave. NE, Grand Rapids

This spot on a hill is a Rapidian favorite for kicking back, relaxing and watching the sunset over the city. The perfect place to enjoy nature and the skyline at once, especially while high.

Laser Lights Show

Grand Rapids Public Museum

The public museum’s planetarium has all kinds of shows that are perfect for when you’ve got a good buzz going, from Under Starlit Skies to Big Astronomy, but the real highlight here is the 37-minute Queen Light Show. Get lost in dazzling visual effects throughout 10 of the band’s top hits. While you’re there, tour the rest of the museum!

Connect with Your Inner Animal

John Ball Zoo

Granted, you have to be able to handle crowds while high to make this experience worth it, but you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for how weird, funny and beautiful animals are. Not to mention the primates, which are fascinatingly human.

Tour a Haunted Castle

Henderson Castle

This piece of history was built in 1895 and has been open to the public since 2011, offering tons of fun events like murder mystery dinners and princess tea parties. Your best bet though is just to join for a walking history tour and enjoy the beautiful architecture and botany of the castle both inside and out. And yes, it just might be haunted!

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

1000 E. Beltline Ave. NE, Grand Rapids 

This is one of the world’s greatest sculpture parks, and the acres of botanical gardens both indoors and out don’t hurt either. Head in soon for the Butterflies Are Blooming to enjoy around 7,000 tropical butterflies fluttering about—made even better with a light high, of course.

Holland Tulip Festival

Centennial Park

In May, you can head to Holland for a very unique cultural experience you won’t find anywhere else except the Netherlands: Nearly 50,000 tulip flowers in bloom. Blaze up and get lost in the beauty of nature, stopping and smelling the tulips.

Putt Putt in the Dark

Great Lakes Glow Golf

The bright, practically neon visuals of Great Lakes Glow Golf pop out among the black floors and ceilings, creating a truly trippy mini-golf experience, followed up by a fun little arcade. It’s the perfect balance of actually doing something, but without too much of a challenge, and amazingly fun when high.

Catch a Ball Game

West Michigan Whitecaps

In April, the West Michigan Whitecaps will return to play ball. Take yourself out to the ball game and enjoy LMCU Ballparks creative food offerings, along with the camaraderie of sports fans. You don’t even need to know how baseball works—just enjoy the experience!

Head to the Beach or River

Michigan is filled to the gills with amazing bodies of water, from Lake Michigan to the many inland rivers offering beautiful tubing and kayaking experiences. Get outdoors, smoke some herb and fall in love with the natural beauty of Pure Michigan.