I don’t know about you, but summer is absolutely my favorite time of the year.

With that in mind, maybe I’ve chosen the wrong state to live in, but I truly believe the four seasons are what actually make summers here so special. You can’t have a rollercoaster without highs and lows! 

When summer arrives, it’s time to hit the road. Music never sounds better than when I’m on the way to the beach with windows down, pushing my car’s 20-year-old sound system to its limits, munching on some gas station snacks.

In this issue, we’re here to help you decide where you want your summer to take you. Are you looking to enjoy nature? To hit up some small-town breweries? To visit that art museum you’ve been wanting to check out? Maybe even to experience some Michigan curiosities, like Gravity Hill or the Lavender Labyrinth. We’ve got you covered.

We also have our annual Revue Road Trip Playlist, if you’d like some new tunes to enjoy, and a guide to Scenic Routes around the state, to make the drive itself an experience.

Each summer, we also guide you to cool treats around town. There are tons of excellent ice cream options with unique offerings, from barbecue to Dole Whips to frozen bananas. We also take a look at the frozen drinks of West Michigan, for you “adult slushy” lovers out there—just watch out for brainfreezes.

One more thing: We’d really love to know more about our readers so we can write the articles and provide the resources you need. Specifically, we’re curious about whether you’re a local looking for fresh, new ideas in town, or you’re an out-of-towner wanting to know about the must-see, iconic places to visit while you’re here. 

If you can answer just five quick questions for us, you’ll be entered to win four Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park general admission tickets! They can be used immediately, or hold onto them for next time you’re in town. We love any and all feedback, so we can be the best local guides possible.

'Til next time,

Josh Veal, Managing Editor

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